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International direct transferences between banks

The international direct transferences between banks are those financial movements that allow to realize a movement of money, like his name it indicates it, from one account to other one without importing the country where there is bank towards which the money goes. It is be a simple definition for this, nevertheless the international direct transferences understand of some other factors that they do not make them so direct.

The activity to transfer money straight between international banks, is something that turns out to be much facilitated thanks to the relations and the common alliances realized by the banks nowadays, so these allow from one account without importing the country of arrival of the transference this to do other one, not only rapid but also very easily, since the alliances like that allow it; nevertheless, when the banks are not related by any way, these come to the mediators (in general other banks) and it is there where the commissions appear.

The commissions received for the mediators charge for providing to both parts one way to themselves together to facilitate the transfer of the money; each of these commissions depends straight on the totals to be moved and the fixed valuation that every mediating bank fixes for realizing the above mentioned procedure.

A basic part to be mentioned when we speak about the transferences are the codes THEY WERE GOING and SWIFT, which are straight entrusted to locate our accounts on a global scale and in turn of locating those banks where we can realize the already mentioned direct deal.

A very recognizable aspect on the transferences, is that these can be realized in any currency, you are always having the possibility of be exchanged in the bank of the country to which this one comes, making possible this way always to have our capital in full disposition. It is necessary to notice that the direct transferences usually take a long time between 36 and 48 hours, although in some cases and according to the services of the member bank, these can to be realized in less time; clearly, if the bank like that allows it.

To end it is good to mention the difference that possesses the transference with regard to the international draft, since the transference as it has been said previously, it is based on the transfer of a proper account to a foreign account located in any bank of any part of the world; on the other hand the international draft in general is an activity that is realized like payment before to an entity, to end that one of his sectional or member ones in another part of the world provides to another user the above mentioned quantity; nevertheless it costs to stress that both it possesses an equal characteristic, the intermediaries' cashing for money mailing.

Given the previous thing he remains demonstrated that the international direct transferences although there are a process slightly difficult to understand, appear before us like a very simple way of possessing our capital in any part of the world. For it an excellent recommendation that can happen to benefit completely from this type of transference, is always to choose banks known with diverse head offices in different parts of the world.

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Written for: Jimmy Rios

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