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Robert kiyosaki

Robert kiyosaki is a successful and recognized businessman, writer, investor, adviser and motivating business; this born personage on April 8, 1947 is much recognized worldwide by the responsibility of his book “rich father poor father”, who with his speech habit on the finance has woken up diverse reactions in the public, there even exist some of them that they affirm that this is a chatterbox, nevertheless a wide field of the public opinion is of his side.

Robert is born in Hawaii, where thanks to the educations of his 2 parents, according to him, during all his childhood it knew the beginning of the use of the money, which was straight what I capture in his literary works; nevertheless and continuing with the life of this illustrious personage; we come up to the youth of the same one, where it belonged to the armed forces of the close states, where it costs to stand out I become a helicopters pilot. Nevertheless and contradicting his poor father, this one leaves the armed forces with the firm intention of turning into an important merchant, which was much supported by his called rich father.

The first steps that Robert gave were in the company Xerox, although it did not begin as he was waiting for it, after some this time it began climbing and knowing the world of the finance managing to create this way for the year 1984 his first company, which was in charge of creating nylon portfolios for surfistas, which costs to say was successful.

Continuous Robert with his studies in finance, (since the above mentioned ambience was attracting enough), up to the point that as one of the personages who more admires, Donald Trump, turned into an expert in investments, especially in the real property; from this one intone kiyosaki it takes part actively on the market of the already mentioned real property. It is necessary to mention that also from this epoch of his life Robert began to write his interesting and controversial books, inside some which of the most recognized there are “the quadrant of the flow of the money”, “he guides to invest”, “the game of the money” and “histories of success”, which have been thought a few excellent books not only of self-help, but also in a good option to begin to understand the economic world and of the finance.

On the other hand, a valuable contribution given by Robert kiyosaki was the creation of the educational game of table called “Cashflow 101”, in which this author put all his financial and intellectual knowledge, in order to provide children and big the aptitude to know the world of the finance by means of the game, without mentioning that also there helps to encourage the good administration and the decrease of the dependency, in order to provide to his players a clear aptitude to create its own companies.

In conclusion, Robert Kiyosaki appears before us like an important alternative to be born in mind before realizing an investment, since each of his books and conferences can be very useful to begin with right foot our financial life.
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