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Who is, in last, this so famous personage called "FOREX"? Some reflections on the objectivity.

Who is, in last, this so famous personage called "FOREX"?

Some reflections on the objectivity.

In this article there will be analyzed some aspects that have to do with the objectivity of the operators on having invested in Forex.

A very important point is the knowledge the way as we are perceiving the market, the being conciente of that form we see the market to know that so probable it is that this one perception is according to what really it happens and to be concientes of that so many profit our mind is ready to obtain truly.

It is for it that in this article we treat on this one topic, it is on the mystery of which: after all, how must the market be perceived?. Next mostraré many of the points of view that even the same person can adopt with regard to the market in any moment influenced by his frames of mind and by the results that it has obtained on having invested in Forex.

After the operators invest in Forex we usually meet a sometimes benevolent market, since it favors our accounts, it continues the tendencies that we hope that it should continue, generates winning operations to us with a reasonable continuity, it makes us gain money and pride, etc.

After the operators invest in Forex we usually meet a market that sometimes is malignant, since it goes against our accounts, it continues the tendencies opposite to for those that we wait that it should continue, generates to us operations of loss of a continued way, it makes us lose money and the ego diminishes us.

After the operators invest in Forex we usually meet a market that is usually completely undecipherable and complex, the tendencies that it takes are determined by million incalculable causes, the predictions that we do rarely agree with what really it spends and those who agree it is not known if it is for hazard or why truly a guessed right analysis was done, the indicators that we have at disposal throw information and tendencies that are opposed, the persons who speak about the market say the completely opposite things between some and others and, in general, the market looks like a gambling game.

After the operators invest in Forex we usually meet a market that can be known and be understood, the operations that we do usually continue the course for that one was waiting that they will take with base in our analyses, taking into consideration certain information and approaches, the market is decipherable and it is a simple knowledge what to do, the predictions that are done often agree with what really it spends on the market, we seem to be connected and it seems that we knew the course of the things on the foreign exchange market. The market is understandable, only it is enough to study and apply the analysis criteria to invest.

On having invested in Forex, we meet that the market is like a capricious king, that sometimes he wants to punish you and sometimes he wants to benefit you, sometimes he behaves badly with the operator, since ensaña in him making it incur loss operations all the time, sometimes he behaves well since it gives him a good winning gust, in fact, there do not weigh so much the analyses and everything what is done to go forward to the movements of the market, since the success or the loss depend on his caprices and on the disposition that this one strange personage has in this one moment.

Even this one unpredictable sometimes becomes predictable, sometimes it becomes unpredictable, sometimes the analyses him work and suddenly he decides one day that these the same analyses are not going to work for anything.

On having invested in Forex, we meet a just market, so it rewards everyone according to his grade of analysis and sacrifice. All the more judicious and guessed right analyses do more probability to themselves it is had of winning, since somehow his movements reward that one that surrenders and can look for the way of interpreting it. To achieve success on having invested in Forex it is only necessary to incline the scales in proper favor with studies and analysis.

These are examples of many ways of thinking that can be had about the market Forex as we face him and he makes us reflect. Let's want it or we do not do judgments on the things that affect the way as we are related to them. The first thing about that one might ask himself on having read all these visions of the market would be:

Very well, a thing cannot be so many people simultaneously, then: who is in last the foreign exchange market Forex?

This is the question that all those that we invest in Forex we must rise to ourselves, but other one is necessary to add this one:

Bearing in mind that we will always form judgments (hit or not) about the market: in these moments am I adopting a suitable judgment for the profit achievement about the foreign exchange market Forex?.

This is the most important question.

The personnel of investing Forex leaves these questions to them so that they reflect and extract their own conclusions with regard to investing in Forex.

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