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To invest Forex Separador

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To invest in Forex: On the Weight of the profit.

To invest in Forex: On the Weight of the profit.

On having invested in Forex, I believe that we all agree in that we think about how to obtain the best results with the biggest profit, because it is natural that all the persons we look that the things work out for us as successful as possible and that many of the things for that we look are carried out.

But: What raisin when we achieve this, that happens when the success is achieved in what it is done? It is possible that the success turns into a material difficult to handle for many, and makes us fall down for our own weight.

This happens when a person obtains a good profit on having invested in Forex and this one made generates a situation that hardly it manages to control. The success and the excessive confidence leave it in the instability state and impredecibilidad that it cannot have any more than a result: The loss of all the profit that had been obtained in a previous time.

It is an idea much spread in the philosophy of the sport that one is considered that the difficult thing is not to become a champion, but to be supported in the title, is there the real challenge.

Because, on having invested in Forex our final goal, it is the securing of profit and the accumulation of a capital fair amount, then we would say adapting the phrase that, on having invested in Forex the difficult thing, is not to obtain a good profit, but to be supported in a successful position.

Surely this successful position does not mean that all the operations that we do must always be supported inside the profit margin, but rather that the Forex investor achieves a technical both emotional and strategic stability and to be supported in a position reasonably successful without for it to lose the head and the notion of what it is doing.

Of this topic there talks each other the article, the problem of which to do when we win. On having invested in Forex, many operators achieve a few profit, but later, for the feelings of self-confidence, of insecurity simultaneously and the difficulties that it implies being in a position in which one is not used by a good weather to being by a lot of time, they generate that the Forex operators, on having invested in Forex, do not support his position and fall down in losses.

The advice that the persons usually give with experience who yes can administer a winning gust is of making use of the advantage to gain self-confidence, but not to forget that the fact that one is successful it is not due to the fact that you are a genius or that it is big, is due simply to the fact that you have applied some criterion to obtain these profit and with a good foundation or with absence of this one, it gave this result.

It is in this point that the operators, on having invested in Forex and to obtain a few good profit, are wrong usually, since simply they forget in having the causes clear for which obtained the profit that they obtained and if these causes the only thing that they affirm is that the profit was obtained by a strategy reasonably solid or if they were obtained almost how by a stroke of luck.

In effect, often it happens simply on having invested in Forex an operator did a movement that brought to him profit but he did not think very well what it was doing. This way, the most probable thing is that if he keeps on investing of the same way it ends up by losing the obtained profit.

In these cases the best thing is to be able to admit how the profit was obtained and to be glad why there is profit but not to keep on using an investment strategy that in advance we know that it does not have a reasonable foundation not a good study of studied risks.

To that, on having invested in Forex, they obtain profit with a strategy reasonably solid and studied with a suitable care, it is possible that some paradoxical good happens to them: they become insecure if the same and too sure of his strategy.

To explain to me I say that, it can happen that, on having invested in Forex, these persons become attached to his strategy, so much that gives them difficulty to change it when this one does not work already, they stop trusting in his aptitude to ponder and to plan an effective strategy for the circumstances of the moment and become attached to a strategy that does not work already.

We hope that the article should serve to them to feed his knowledge on investment in Forex.

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