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On having invested in Forex perhaps, it is necessary to think about many things and the investors tend to be very busy with analysis, studies, news, indicators and other things that do part of the daily task of obtaining money successfully operating on the foreign exchange market.

To invest in Forex, the investor is usually occupied thinking about such things as if the strategy that he plans must be to long or short-term, if it is going to use a strategy of fundamental analysis or one of technical analysis, in what pair of currencies he thinks to invest on the foreign exchange market, which news about the market can have relevancy and which not, and anyway, all those things that do part of the task of investing in Forex.

These are technical and intellectual aspects that have to do with the office of the investor and that we all have to think, nevertheless, to these there him join such psychological aspects like worries or expectations generated by the state of the account that we have or for this or that operation that was done successfully or that operation that was a defeat. Also for the gusts of loss or profit that we could have.

In general the investor occupies his mind in thinking about aspects like these, nevertheless, there are aspects about which few investors think and that really they can improve very much the yield at the time of investing in Forex.

Perhaps we do not think about these aspects because they do not seem to have direct bearing on the task of investing, or, perhaps, if we think them but only a moment and do not give him the importance and do not put the discipline that really it should have.

The aspects to which I refer are related in spite of choosing the suitable moment and the place adapted to invest in Forex. It is necessary that the investor creates the ambience that more is convenient for him to increase his success probabilities in his investments.

On these slightly treated aspects we will deal in this one article. We hope that it should result to them from interest and success should propitiate them in his investments.

To create the moment suitable and place to invest.

On having invested in Forex, we have the tendency to observe little which it is the current state in which we are to realize the operations: we do not notice if we are exhausted physically, do not concentrate on as our mental state is, if we have the mind clear and focused in what we do or if on the contrary we are dispersed and with the mind busy with other incompatible things with what we do.

Other aspects that we do not observe and that can affect us there is the state of the quarter in which we are, if this one creates to us an ambience adapted for the pressures and the stress that generates the activity to operate in currencies. We do not also look, when it is possible, which it is the moment of the day adapted for the operations (if the news does not demand one hour and precise moment to act when we use the strategy of the fundamental analysis), where we can study and plan with major efficacy our movements on having invested in Forex.

Finally, little we observe another aspect that is one of the most important to achieve the success: The knowledge of us ourselves. Sometimes we do not realize that to operate in currencies there are things that help a few persons to him while they harm others.

Let's put two examples: to many it they can be quite propitious to act in pressure situations, even with something of nerves, while to others it will be more useful to be in calmness and balanced to take decisions adapted to the movements of the market to them. Another example, it will be convenient for some more to intervene in operations that demand the making of rapid decisions and without many analysis while it will be convenient for others more to have the sufficient time to plan his next movement on the foreign exchange market, with the due calmness.

The latter example is especially excellent to observe it for those that are choosing between carrying out operations to long or short-term or for those who are deciding between the fundamental analysis and the technical analysis to invest in Forex.

We have spoken about three aspects little considered but important to increase our possibilities of success on having invested in Forex: Our own state at the moment of investing, the ambience that surrounds us on having invested and the application of the knowledge that we have of ourselves to invest.

Of the observation of each of these aspects the investor must decide what is what more is convenient for him to invest in Forex. Here the question is left to them and we hope to treat each of these aspects in particular in future articles of

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