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Donald Trump

Donald Trump is a successful American businessman who registers at present like one of the most active and ingenious merchants of the American economic activity; this born personage on June 14, 1946 has been unrolled in diverse ambiences like the television and the responsibility of books, nevertheless his biggest quality, it is the already mentioned skill in the business, especially in those that concern the market of the real property.

Being a son of Fred Trump, a merchant of real property; Donald began his life in the same business ambience, redeeming charges as promoter in sales and assistant - adviser in the same ones. Nevertheless, it was not but until his 28 years after his graduation of the university of fordham, that his title as economist was serving to him to be able to inherit the familiar business of the real property, of which header to notice obtained of his father a very good patrimony that I manage to multiply easily and quickly, thanks to his skill to motivate new investors so that they were interested by his "impulsive" projects.

From his beginnings in the world of the investments and the real property, Donald Trump always (skylight is for his skill for the business and power of conviction), has been in the top of everything his projects, some good examples of some of them are Trump Tower and his important injection in the casinos of atlantic city, which costs to stress, it has been one of his biggest wise moves. Nevertheless incredibly by the beginning of the 90 this businessman almost met in the banking broken on having owed sums of money that were surrounding 3500 million dollars; in spite of this and having everything in against his, I achieve by means of his already mentioned skills, to re-hook some investors and this way to manage to save his patrimony, that since then year is supported in constant growth after year. Without mentioning that at present the fortune of the above mentioned businessman is calculated approximately in 2800 million dollars.

It is good to mention that also from this epoch Donald began to write his popular books, to which thousands of persons owe his financial success nowadays, since in them Trump alludes to important factors to be born in mind to be successful in the financial world.

Speaking in a more personal ambience; Trump at present finds married the model Melania Knauss, which a beautiful son called Barron William possesses, which one is his son number 5 of his three marriages, two of which ended in separation, without mentioning than in loss of money, since information affirms that Trump lost almost half of his fortune in the divorce processes.

On the other hand; it is necessary to emphasize that at present Donald Trump, in his ambition of providing to the persons a little of his skills in the business, is planning the achievement of his virtual university, so that by means of this one the persons he could gain access to courses in ambiences like managerial management, marketing and finance, with the intention that these increase his capacities for the business.

Given the previous thing he remains demonstrated that Donald Trump is an excellent example to continue if in fact we want to be successful in our business, since this one by means of his methods and even his life has transmitted an important message of overcoming and skill in the business worth admiring.
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