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D.M.G Group Holding S.A is a questioned entity of Colombian origin which he was in charge of gathering dineros of public origin massively, with the supposed intention of investing in diverse fields like the infrastructure and more especially in the prefull targeteria. It is necessary to mention that this entity as others like managerial projections D.R.F.E, they were promising to his investors reinstatements superior to 80 %, appearing as well as an important opportunity of investment, which costs to mention was the principal prop for the success that the above mentioned entities obtained not only in Colombia, but also in nearby countries like equator, Venezuela, Panama and brasil.

Majority shareholder and principal representative begins the D.M.G development by means of David Murcia Guzmán, his creator, which one lived through his youth in humility like any Colombian person; even this was until his 21 years a good worker honest and dedicated to the social cause, since it was recognized for being employed at churches realizing raffles and commercializing religious material, without mentioning also the attention search it medicates for the community least favored by the same way. Nevertheless from this one then until his 23 years, Murcia began to develop an entity that in beginning equal to his previous years was thinking about how like principal target to offer welfare cost, nevertheless now it was possessing a quite significant capital in a very little time, which from his beginning appeared like something extremely suspiciously; this thanked the credibility that Murcia had woken up in the persons thanks to his already mentioned social approach, achieving hence that the same ones were entrusting his money for the investment.

It is own to highlight that from the creation of D.M.G, the above mentioned entity and/or company to been taken control several times for the compilation or illegal reception of money, nevertheless this one always manages reconfigurarse to other social reasons, in order to continue with this fraudulent activity.

Changing a little topic, it is good to mention something of the functioning of D.M.G, since this age extensively known thanks to his rapid multiplication of the money and really. Let's begin for stressing that this one was thanking at the beginning of the pyramid or scheme of ponzi, which one is a system of quite complex fraud that was used by already mentioned David Murcia García, in order to obtain resources very quickly; without mentioning that even this, I manage by means of the above mentioned beginning to create fictitious companies of big recognition at international levels.

A fact to be highlighted when we speak about D.M.G, it is the collapse of this entity from the last February 2, where immediately after certain investigations realized by Colombian legal entities there began to happen tints of which the above mentioned entity was affirmatively a pyramid; nevertheless it was not if not until the last November 17 where Colombia enters the crisis state, this generated by the falls of several pyramids the length and breadth of the whole country; from this one then the authorities seized to supreme enormous D.M.G of not alone money in 61 head offices that was possessing the above mentioned entity throughout the country, but you prop the foreign authorities leveled with the recognizable collaboration other D.M.G branches in other countries.

It is good to mention that the infiltration was such that tapeworm D.M.G in Colombia, which even tests of important connections have found with recognizable personages of the Colombian politics, managing to create this way the current investigation “political D.M.G” in order dawning those who are the involved ones in the multimillionaire embezzlements done by this one well conceived pyramid.

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Written for: Jimmy Rios

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