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Welcome to, we hope that the information that you should find here should be of finished utility, our mission is to learn with you the best way of investing our money, our effort and our time, we clarify from since we are not going to study and learn only of investment across FOREX, but of many other alternatives that at the same time they will be able to contribute to the financial freedom.

WE ARE NOT A COMPANY OR INTERMEDIARY who claims that you link with us, simply we are a set of persons who have decided and corroborated that the financial freedom is not reached by a stable work in a big company, and that the way to the alone financial success consists in being able to handle his money, and in doing that every cent that it has works for you.

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Interest rates

In all the economies there are persons and institutions that have savings surpluses to which they are met like lenders. Of equal way, there exist others that have needs for funds for expenses and investment and that are known like borrowers. The money that the lenders transfer the borrowers has a price, which normally is established in porcen terms...

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Think and become rich

Reading a good book that brings us some useful rules for our life and that you prop let's enjoy the above mentioned reading, it is one of the biggest pleasures that presents to us the modern literature; a very good example of it is a book as “Think and become rich” which presents us to himself like a jewel not only to the reading but you prop to the education. “Think and become rich”...

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International direct transferences between banks

The international direct transferences between banks are those financial movements that allow to realize a movement of money, like his name it indicates it, from one account to other one without importing the country where there is bank towards which the money goes. It is be a simple definition for this, nevertheless the international direct transferences understand of some others...

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What sound the brokers?: so that they serve? and: how do they operate?

In the good development of a business, the intermediation of the parts is a basic part so that the same ones are successful at all times; this is the case of the brokers, which with his participation allow to us to develop a much more guessed right and effective financial activity; nevertheless, wondering is good: What is a broker? The brokers are those persons entrusted to operate com...

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Investment in bonds

Since it is well known at present, the investments are an important source of income for all those persons interested by the world of the finance, nevertheless the big quantity of ambiences of investment that exist often they make difficult the escogencia of a type of investment for us, for it in this article we will speak about the investment in bonds to end to provide the lect...

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Donald Trump

Donald Trump is a successful American businessman who registers at present like one of the most active and ingenious merchants of the American economic activity; this born personage on June 14, 1946 has been unrolled in diverse ambiences like the television and the responsibility of books, nevertheless his biggest quality, it is the already mentioned skill in the business, especially...

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Robert kiyosaki

Robert kiyosaki is a successful and recognized businessman, writer, investor, adviser and motivating business; this born personage on April 8, 1947 is much recognized worldwide by the responsibility of his book “rich father poor father”, who with his speech habit on the finance has woken up diverse reactions in the public, they even exist some that they affirm that this one is or...

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That is an operation platform forex

The forex since it is well known generally is an important financial activity, which at present moves million dollars every day through the network without importing the spatial limits not political; nevertheless and related good with previously said; it turns out to be basic to possess programs of knowledge and compilation of economic information, with the intention that this one could mantenern...

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To invest in actions

The investment since it is well known is one of the activities more commonly developed by all the persons who possess interest in his both personal and economic well-being, since by means of the same one there are achieved diverse targets that turn out to be made difficult by some other means like the commercialization and the production. At present the existence of some types of investment, like...

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D.M.G Group Holding S.A is a questioned entity of Colombian origin which he was in charge of gathering dineros of public origin massively, with the supposed intention of investing in diverse fields like the infrastructure and more especially in the prefull targeteria. It is necessary to mention that this entity as others like managerial projections D.R.F.E, they were promising to his inversionis...

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To invest real property

To invest in real property is one of the principal activities of investment that are realized about the world day by day; nevertheless and owed often to the emulation to acquire a housing or proper area, a persons' big quantity they commit common errors, which often bear to lose the above mentioned areas in a little time, without mentioning that this in some occasions also termi...

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Reappraisal of the dollar

The dollar since it is known is along with the Euro, one of the most important currencies of the world, not only because by means of this one it is that the principal financial movements are realized about the world, but in turn why the above mentioned currency even can come to affect the whole internal economy of a country by means of the devaluation and reappraisal of the same one. Entering a little more our topic c...

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That are the pyramids and since they work

The investment pyramids, also acquaintances under other names as rip-offs in pyramid, scheme of ponzi, cells of plenty and silver circuits, are a business scheme, principally of investment, which search as principal target to enrich an entity and/or it presents itself quickly, promising prompt refunds and with big profitability to all his affiliates, what in fact is...

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HOW TOMAS THE DECISIONS ON HAVING INVESTED IN FOREX? One of the resources that more most of the persons despise is the most valuable of all: yes the same. It is difficult that to see that the persons, on having invested in Forex, usually distrust his aptitude to come to the success. Many shield his suspicion becoming absorbed big days of long...

Decisions on having invested.


CREATING THE MOMENT AND PLACE ADAPTED TO INVEST IN FOREX.Al to invest in Forex perhaps has to be thought about many things and the investors tend to be very busy with analysis, studies, news, indicators and other things that do part of the daily task of obtaining money successfully operating on the foreign exchange market. To invest in Forex, the investor...

To observe what surrounds you on having invested.


HEALTH: SINCE TO TREAT WITH THE INSOMNIA Is very common that all those persons who are interested by the world of the investment are usually persons who dedicate a lot of time to his work and who generally are in stress situations. The same is applied for the persons who usually invest in Forex, since in this one average there are many persons who look for one...

The insomnia and the investments.

Who is, in last, this so famous personage called "FOREX"? Some reflections on the objectivity.

Who is, in last, this so famous personage called "FOREX"? Some reflections on the objectivity. In this article there will be analyzed some aspects that have to do with the objectivity of the operators on having invested in Forex. A very important point is the knowledge the way as we are perceiving the market, the being conciente of that form we see the market p...

Reflect on the objectivity on the market

To invest in Forex with cold head.

To invest in Forex with cold head. Perhaps, on having invested in Forex, the most important thing is not so much that profit is had, since the profit can be obtained fortunately, for hazard, or with a slightly solid strategy, with a relatively solid strategy but that sooner or later will stop working, simply because one “good was had racha&rdqu...

To invest in Forex with cold head.

To invest in Forex: On the Weight of the profit.

To invest in Forex: On the Weight of the profit. On having invested in Forex, I believe that we all agree in that we think about how to obtain the best results with the biggest profit, because it is natural that all the persons we look that the things work out for us as successful as possible and that many of the things for that we look are carried out. But: What happens when we achieve this, that p...

Administration of the success.

To invest in Forex: On some doubts and common fears.

To invest in Forex: On some doubts and common fears. To invest in Forex sounds like a fascinating option for those interested parties in investing for the first time. There are great the persons who of only listening or being present at a conference on the biggest foreign exchange market of the world remain convinced in beginning investing in Forex, in big or in minor measurement. Nevertheless, for...

To invest in Forex: On some doubts and common fears.

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